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Qosqo, the heart of the empire


Travel code : pscde1
Time & Duration: all year long
Theme : Cultural and Historical tourism
Place : Cuzco and the Inca's Sacred Valley Peru
Group : 2 to 12 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

We offer you Peru holidays to discover the capital of the last representatives of one of the older civilisation of the humanity: the Andean one. It developed endogenously and independently for more than 5000 years. When the conquistadores came to this land that they called Peru, they had to face a confederation of about 200 realms governed, at that time, by the Inca " Enqa" (in quechua: the one who has the strength, the power, the energy). It took about 170 years for this confederation to be built. The territory was called the tawantinsuyo or "the land of the four regions", an empire which lacked unity. At this time, it went from Pasto ( Colombia) to Mendoza (Argnetina) and was delineated by a network of Inca's paths which accounted for more than 42 000 km. Join in these Peru holidays at the heart of the Sacred Valley Peru and you will better understand the Inca's culture.

Strong points :

Cuzco, navel of the world

Inca Sacred Valley Peru

Machu Pichu sanctuary


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Day 1 : Cuzco
Historical tourism 

Discovery of the imperial city of Cuzco and some of its emblematic monuments

Day 2 : Cuzco tipon chinchero
Archeological tourism

Visit of Tipon, Pikillactaand Pisaq during this secong day of your Peru holidays

Day 3 : Chinchero ollantaytambo
The Sacred Valley Peru

Visit of the Sacred Valley Peru (Chinchero, Moray, Maras, Ollantaytambo)

Day 4 : Machu Pichu Historical sanctuary of Machu Pichu

Visit of Machu Pichu and return to Cuzco by train

Day 5 : Cuzco

At the end of your Peru holidays with this discovery package you will go back to Cuzco.


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